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Illuminating Identifiers and Labels...Shoutout to SEO

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

Welcome to my website! Congratulations on finding it!

Let me start by saying, I spent a decent amount of time creating this website to market my theatre interests. I was so excited to "finish" (the hat...catch my drift, MT Nerds?) this site a few days ago. However, when I google searched "ben lundy actor" I couldn't find this site that I spent hours (and money) making. I do, however, find my bio from Fiddler on the Roof with Red Mountain Theatre Company, so that's nice, but I want you to see my creation (obvi ;)

So there's this thing and if you've made a website before, you probably know about it...SEO: Search Engine Optimization.

In order to do that (optimize my site's ability to be found on the interwebs), my website builder encouraged me to put "key words" throughout my site and update the site's content regularly (ie: create a blog!) So that is what this blog is a derivative of.

I want people like (lucky) you to be able to find my content, we. are. (Shoutout to Aaron Posner's SFB!)

Starting at the very beginning, a very good place to start. Because this is a writing platform, I can monitor most of what I say because I have to filter the mind through the fingers. That being said, as one of my best friends once told me, "Od'slifelings, my name's Ben Lundy, and I'm full of unpopular opinions!" So be warned: I tend to speak passionately and freely!

I believe I will treat this "blog" (a word that conjures up the "negative" aesthetics of Tumblr and the early 2000s) as a glorified, edited, public, authorized? journal entry. At times, it may be "ranty," and as my peers used to do when I sent out emails about high school drama club, just read the first and last sentences and then anything bold, highlighted, or italicized...or do what you want. As my musical theatre professor Roy Lightner often says, "Your career, your choices!" This platform may also serve as a place to make announcements, encourage art that encourages me, and illuminate things that I may not to be able to illuminate on the stage at the current moment.

Here goes my first rant. I'm sure it will be one of many.

Oh no, rant is such a negative word. I don't mean to rant. Nobody wants to work with a ranter in summerstock, so maybe I should stop my mouth. (I swear, I'm not the one to overly harp on an issue; but as my high school English teacher once told me, I do have a tendency for being verbose and bombastic.)

This is not a rant, but a personal exploration of a societal issue: I'm not much into labels. I think we are so much more than what we are identified as.

When asked, "as an "MT," (oh look, another label!) are you an actor, dancer, or singer first?" the answer should be I'm a human being. Yes, I'm an actor. I also happen to sing and dance. Most importantly, we are human beings, too complex for labels. Unfortunately, as human beings we use labels to process and organize our world. Does this mean I advocate more chaos? I guess...I enjoy celebrating and embracing the complexities of who we are!

Unfortunately, Google and other search engines, like humans, process via labels. Apparently, you are supposed to include keywords and phrases on each page. This would mean that on each page I would need to include something along the lines of "Ben Lundy, actor" because each page is ranked and processed differently in regards to SEO. (If someone can explain this better, I'm all ears. This is my limited, simple, and basic understanding of the concept.)

Currently, when you look up Ben Lundy, you'll meet my good friend Benjamin Lundy, the abolitionist. Well, that's not me. (Maybe I should "blog" about him at some point...wait, would that increase his ratings and decrease the chance people have of finding me?) Even if you look up "Ben Lundy, actor", you'll find him,, this blog makes me seem a little desperate to connect, but maybe that's why I love and do theatre. As Dr. Brene Brown says, "Connection: It's why we're here."

Also, the domain I wanted ( is taken and would cost a price to get, so I settled with adding my middle initial ( Even searching "Ben J Lundy actor" won't find this site, so if you found me and are reading this within the early months of 2018, you're an amazing sleuth or must have found this site through being a good friend or member of the fam jam, social networking, or a mention of it on my application for various grad schools and professional auditions.

As I've said, I don't enjoy labels which is why, originally, "actor · creator · storyteller" were not a part of my site. I'm a human being first and foremost. I'm just a human being who happens to work in the theatre and studies storytelling. I enjoy musical theatre and Shakespeare most...I this moment, but my life has been altered by many contemporary plays (Everyone must see Angels in America, War Horse, and Curious Incident every opportunity they get, and what Aaron Posner is doing with Chekov...I mean, come on! Theatre is alive!).

So I am trying my best, and though this is a frivolous reason to start a blog, maybe fate is guiding me to publish my thoughts. I assure you that they are not all diamonds. If you disagree with me, great! I always enjoy hearing the other side. I never intend to offend, but I quite enjoy sparking conversation.

So, Google (and other search engines), I hope you are reading this. My name is Ben Lundy. I currently study musical theatre at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). Right now, I am an actor, a performer, and a storyteller. I'm also a dreamer, jogger, hiker, and life enthusiast. How's that Google!

Awaken and empower what's within.


Be a Light,


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