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We're Going to Mars

Well, I haven’t been on this website in awhile, and I’m paying for this platform so I ought to use it. Thusly, I will be blogging more. You’re prolly thinking “aight” or “Yike!”

Before I get into the content of my “first” post, some housekeeping and ground rules about what this is. I’m thinking a public journal. I’ve finally gotten disciplined in journaling every night before going to bed. As I reread my “posts” and thoughts from 2018, I think that some of my “ideas,” “opinions,” or “perspectives” could be delivered publicly, but trust me, they’re not all diamonds. As Shakespeare says in his subtitle of Twelfth Night, it’s “what you will.”

This “Stardust” is from the perspective of a twenty-something white male from Alabama who loves God, his fam jam, theatre, eating food, and exploring. Not everything is fact and the only truth revealed is the personal truth that I’m experiencing right now. But be forewarned: I’m a pisces which means, like water, I’m fluid and changeable (not to mention indecisive!). Basically, as I reiterate the important disclaimer, the following thoughts and posts are human opinion which makes them flawed and hypocritical but also lovely and complex.

With that out of the way, here we go! And where are we goin’? (Please let this be a normal field trip! With the Frizz?! No way!) We’re going to Mars!

Thanks to Spotify and Spotify’s Discovery playlist, I have stumbled upon the Christian-inspired folk band, Judah and the Lion, and I’m obsessed! Their latest album Folk Hop n’ Roll (2017) is definitely my musical and personal aesthetic. Maybe you’ve heard “Take It All Back 2.0” or “Suit and Jacket.” They have some great tunes, (some bopz, if you will) all with great messages and positive vibez. Definitely check them out!

It’s a new year (twenty days or so into the new year...what can I say? I’m late and procrastinate, mostly out of fear of putting my thoughts out there, and I’m sure that’s relatable.)! Anyway, their song “Going to Mars” has become a new year anthem with lyrics that encourage new year resolutions, attitudes, mantras, or what you will.

Here’s the chorus:

But I know, do what is right, fight for the truth

Say something to them that means something to you

Invest in the love, hope for the best

Follow what’s in the left side of your chest

Be ready for highs, be ready for lows

A dream is a dream until you go

Through the mistakes, you’ll find who you are

Don’t reach for the moon when you’re going to Mars

We’re going to Mars

What a way to live: do what is right, fight for the truth, say something to them that means something to you (the goal of this blog and any blog, right?), invest in the love, hope for the best, follow what’s in the left side of your chest (a clever way of saying follow your heart), be ready for highs, be ready for lows. What a great way to approach 2019!

I think the scariest part is being ready for the lows, but listen, “through the mistakes, you’ll find who you are.” Have some compassion for yourself and extend an equal generosity to those around you. (Remember that love embraced becomes love extended!)

You’ve always heard: reach for the moon and you’ll land among the stars. But I like this new adage: “don’t reach for the moon when you’re going to Mars.” 2019 is not a year for settling. It’s a year for growing and expansion! (We’re going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship, zooming through the sky, Little Einsteins!)

The second chorus says, “Forget the lies, remember the truth,” and I would further this by saying “seek truth.” Don’t stop at the first opinion or perspective suggested. Go further, all the way to Mars! Find the most complicated, compelling, and profound truth.

This majestic bop concludes with “We can do anything.” Remember that this year! You can do anything. Don’t accept how the world is or has been! Be Thoreau, “Live the life you’ve imagined.”

All this being said, I hope your New Year’s resolutions or attitudes are serving you well. I’ll divulge mine, so that you, the public, can keep me honest (or as my friends and I like to say, “Unest”): read the Bible, do your sunrise salutation exercise, stretch, journal, wash your face, run, write like you’re running out of time, read more, and get 8 hours of sleep everyday. All of this is a a culmination of my desire to be more disciplined. So far I’ve done fairly well, but when your first week of the new year is a tech week, the eight hours of sleep thing is a bit of a stretch to manage!

As I wrap up, I’m going to reblog and retweet a few other mantras I found on the interweb that I think are pretty resonant and helpful in refocusing and challenging ourselves to change for the better (and perhaps, “be changed for good”):

WALK more, drive less.

More TEA, less caffeine.

TALK more, text less.

More QUALITY TIME, less phone time.

GIVE more, take less.

More BOOKS, less screens.

MOVE more, sit less.

More MEMORIES, less monotony.

More OUTSIDE, less indoors.

APPRECIATE more, complain less.

More ARTSY, less artificial.

FORGIVE more, fret less.

More SPONTANEOUS, less stagnant.

RELAX more, rush less.

More SELFLESS, less selfish.

More EXTRAORDINARY, less ordinary.

(Kristin M., “Positive Mantras to Live by for a ‘New Year, New You,’” Cloud 9 Living)

That’s all, folks! If you’re tired of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and need a break, you can keep up with me, BJ Lundz, here or on the Not Your Average Interns podcast!

Here’s to the new year (21 days later!), and following what’s in the left side of our chest! We’re going to Mars!

Awaken and empower what's within.

Be a Light,


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