"And then I feel a change Like a fire deep inside,

Something bursting me wide open impossible to hide. and suddenly I'm flying, flying like a bird. Like electricity, electricity...

Sparks inside of me,

And I'm free I'm free!"- Lee Hall, Billy Elliot the Musical 

"I've got a feeling that the Father who made us

When he was kindling the pulse in my veins,

He left a tiny spark of the fire smoldering inside.

The spark of creation is flickering within me.

The spark of creation is blazing in my blood,

A bit of the fire that lit up the stars

And breathed life into the mud the first inspiration:

The spark of creation" -Stephen Schwartz, Children of Eden

"You are the light of the world!
But if that light's under a bushel,
it's lost something kind of crucial.
You got to stay bright to be the light of the world!"-Stephen Schwartz, Godspell

"I can see it! Shining somewhere!
Bright lights somewhere invite me to come there and learn! And I'm ready!"- Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt, The Fantasticks


"I'm gonna shine like the sun when these clouds roll away from my door.
I won't crawl. i can run! i won't be at your mercy no more.
We'll be singing it loud, be so proud that we've finally won,
And when the losing's all done, we're gonna shine like the sun!"-Dolly Parton, 9 to 5: The Musical 

"Deep inside of everyone
There's a hot ball of shame
Guilt, regret, anxiety,
Fears we dare not name.
But, if we show the ugly parts
That we hide away,
They turn out to be beautiful
By the light of day....Shine, Shine, Shine a Light!"- Laurence O'Keefe and Kevin Murphy, Heathers: The Musical 

"Lead us out of the darkness. Lead us somewhere to safety. Lead us far from disaster. Lead us out of the night."-Irene Sankoff and David Hein, Come From Away

Condemned to create since my first production in Once on This Island Jr. with Eastern Shore Repertory Theatre, I seek to ignite conversations and spark hearts through the art form of theatre, reminding people that our lives become the stories that we weave. 


Life is why

Pain is why

Love is why

Grief is why

Hope is why

Faith is why